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This month’s small dog breed to consider for your family is a Jack Russell Terrier. Why? you might ask. Well, they are so adorable, and you won’t have a boring life. Jack Russell Terriers have a lot of personality for such a small, super cute dogs.

I have had the privilege to taking care so far of two Jack Russell Terriers. If you are adopting one from an animal shelter, make sure your children are over 5 years old. But if your getting a puppy, a Jack Russell will be ideal with children because you can guide both your little ones and your pup on how to interact together instead of just coexisting.

A little bit of history. (Wow, who would have thought I would say that word history, lol.) Anyway, the Jack Russel Terrier breed started out in the United Kingdom and later the breed got developed in Australia. John Russell devoted himself to raising and cross breeding to establish the Jack Russell Terrier breed.

Like humans they come in different heights and have a beautiful short/long and dense coat that can be either soft or rough. Jack Russells were bred for hunting. Although they are not now used for hunting, they still have hunting traits. They are bold, curious and alert.

One Jack Russell Terrier I cared for called Tommy is intelligent, Faithful and very brave for a small dog. I love him to bits.

Many times, the kids and I wanted him to live with us. Each dog i care for has their unique personality. They have wants and needs that require fulfilling and some dogs like Tommy being an older dog thrive, in my view, when it is just two us.

When my kids were upstairs and I was in the kitchen cooking he loved just lying on the floor watching or would sit on my lap while we watched tv together.

What I loved about Tommy was when I looked into his eyes, It was as if he was speaking to my soul. Both my dog Molly and my cat Sonia were the only other pets I had connected with like that, and it is why I adopted them.

Having a soul-dog friend is an amazing experience. But just like human soulmates, factors will help you stay together in a relationship or tear you apart.

For me it was barking. Because I have a little one who I’m still trying to get into a sleeping routine, I would like to small dog that won’t wake the little one at night when they are sleeping. And Jack Russells, in my view, are like guard dogs. They want to warn their owners of every extraneous activity.

My kids and I have decided we will adopt a Jack Russell adult for sure when my little one is over five years old.

Jack Russells, in my view, will do great in a family who go walking a lot, hiking or who basically active outdoor family. 

If you are interesting in adopting an adult Jack Russell and you have kids over 5 years old than here is list of animal rescue centres:

Most animal rescue centres don’t place adult dogs with families with children under five. For safety reasons, so these a long wait if you want to adopt an adult dog that can be around small children, you have to constantly have to check their websites and contact them to see if there are any new dogs but if you think you can’t wait that long the best option will be to contact a local registered dog breeder and see if you can adopt thorough them.

If I can find a Jack Russell Terrier puppy than I would adopt one in a heartbeat, I love this breed so much.

Why Jack Russell Terrier, they have lot personality, very active for small dog. They although healthy is pretty good, and if your give them loads exercise at least 3 to 4 hours then you will have a very happy dog. Because my little one is still young, I can’t devote 3 to 4 hours exercise, but if I adopt a puppy, as the puppy starts to grow to so will my little one and I will be able to give the Jack Russell extra time.

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