Hi, My Pets Haven Friends,

I would like to start this post by first saying I am sorry that I have not been able to write articles for a while. Being a mum of four children, and starting a new business as well as juggling everything was a bit too much, and I needed a little break from writing blog posts and my studies.

I have now recovered, and am ready to tackle writing for you my dearest Pets Haven friends.

My children and I have started applying to adopt a dog from a dog rescue centre, and we have been discussing the type of dog breed we would like to join us. However, most of the dogs we have come across have issues and cannot live with small children.

It has been a good three months of solid searching, browsing the dog rescue centres website, and completing forms, but it is important to do the research and take time before making a decision that will change our lives.

There are so many cute, adorable rescue dogs out there, but you need to think about each member of your family and how the dog you adopt is going to interact with each member. And if you do not have children but are planning on starting a family you must think about how that dog will likely be around your baby, would you have time and energy to train your dog?

It is nice to help a dog in needs, but make sure you don’t regret adopting your dog and then having to send them back to the dog rescue centre.

A dog is for life, they are like babies, you love and nurture them, but unlike children who grow up and leave, your dog won’t leave to get married.

Every month I will share with you one dog breed that my children and i have discussed with a view for adoption and by the end of the 10 months, I hope to have our very own little cute dog.

This month my children and I were looking at a super cute Pomeranian. But after speaking to the rescue centre, we felt it would not be right to adopt him. He can be around older kids but not around small children and he barks excessively which would be a problem for our neighbours.

Here are the pros and cons of adopting a Pomeranian:


  • They are really, really cute. They look amazing. My girls and I imagined ourselves walking down our street dressed in our best clothes looking chic with our Pomeranian on a lead. How fab would that have been?
  • We want a small dog and Pomeranian are a small breed. They small size means that we can take them camping, or travel long distances with worrying about car space and feeding for small dog should be cheaper too.


  • Pomeranian a good at be watchdogs so barking excessively is part of the behaviour that you will need to be okay with, you can training to bark a lot less but it takes time and unless you are adopting puppy, I don’t know how adult Pomeranian will be with training and whether your neighbours will tolerate the barking. 
  • They fuffly fur, gloriours but it’s time consuming and Pomeranian gromming can cost can start from £45 – £55.

If you have a Pomeranian or are considering adopting one, please leave a comment saying what your experience is or your hopes are?

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