It is an awful and difficult decision to make: whether to bring your pet’s life to an end because they are suffering. Maybe through injury or a terminal illness. Logic and reasoning may scream one thing, but our emotions scream another.

As a pets bereavement counsellor and someone who looks after other people’s dogs on a daily basis, I feel deeply connected to each loss when the decision is taken.

If you are suffering grief because you have had to take this decision comfort can be hard to come by, but I hope this little poem helps you.

The Final Battle

Should I ever turn frail or weak

Should pain keep from me my sleep

Will you then do that which should be done?

Because this – the final battle – cannot be won

You’ll be unhappy, I understand

Though don’t let that halt your hand on that day, excluding all the rest

Our friendship and love must pass the test

We’ve had many very happy years

Don’t let me suffer so

If the right time comes, allow me to go

Let me go to where I’d love to mend

But remain here, until my end

Hold me close and talk to me

Till my eyes cannot see

Author Unknown