Hello pet lovers, it’s Ines here from Pets Haven Limited and today we will talk about the best small business idea you can operate from home and make serious money. You don’t need a website or social media to get you started. But for this one, you do need to love dogs. Having a passion for dogs will be your greatest strength for this business. And the company is dog walking.

Dog walking is very rewarding. You can create work hours and decide how many dogs you want to walk.

In this article, I will explain the steps to start your dog-walking business quickly. As a UK dog walker, you don’t need a license or dog walking qualifications. Still, I strongly recommend that you study a dog walking course because they teach you how to put on different harnesses, muzzles and leads on dogs of different sizes and breeds. That sort of thing. It all helps. There are many online courses, but if you can attend a hands-on classroom course, so much the better.

But if you feel comfortable and confident to venture out without doing a course, you might like to go straight to my following recommendation. Find a dog walking/dog sitting website like www.rover.com. You don’t need to create your website. You don’t need social media. You have to create a profile with them. Rover will find clients for you.

Before you create your profile, there are some matters to think about: decide whether you want to walk dogs in your immediate locality or are prepared to travel to walk dogs. If you are ready to travel, how far? Are you prepared to walk dogs of all sizes, or do you want to restrict yourself to small and medium-sized dogs? Are there any breeds you do not want to walk? Make a written note before creating your profile so you do not forget.

Dog walking/ dog sitting websites have all the booking facilities and charge the customer directly, so you don’t have to worry about that. They will charge you a commission for their services which will probably be about 15%. Check this out first so you can set your prices accordingly.

Starting your business using a dog-walking or dog-sitting website means that you learn the company without too much stress, and if you decide to go on your own at some point, you will have built a clientele that might follow you.

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