Ever wondered how some YouTube channels manage to garner millions of views without ever showing a face? The world of faceless YouTube videos is vast, and many creators are earning a significant income from it. Here’s an in-depth look into how and what niches are thriving in this arena.

1. The Appeal of Anonymity:

First and foremost, being faceless allows creators to maintain privacy. It takes away the pressure of being in front of the camera and the need for personal branding. Instead, the content takes centre stage.

2. Thriving Niches in the Faceless YouTube World:

            •          Animation and Storytelling: Animated stories, moral tales, or humorous sketches. Channels like “Storytime Animated” use this approach, captivating audiences with interesting narratives.

            •          ASMR: Without showing faces, creators use sounds to trigger ASMR responses. Tapping, whispering, and other sound effects are the stars here.

            •          Tutorial and How-to Guides: Think drawing, crafts, DIYs, or software walkthroughs. The focus remains on the skill or technique being taught.

            •          Gaming: Many gamers, such as “Corpse Husband”, keep their identity hidden, letting their gameplay and commentary attract viewers.

• Compilation Videos: Whether it’s “Top 10” lists, meme compilations, or curated clips on a specific theme, these videos package content for easy consumption.

            •          Music and Lyric Videos: Creators in this niche focus on making engaging lyric visuals or non-vocal musical compositions.

• Voiceover Commentary: Discussing pop culture, news, or even movie reviews, all without ever showing a face.

3. Tips to Make Your Faceless Videos Shine:

            •          High-Quality Audio: When the video is faceless, sound becomes paramount. Invest in a good microphone and learn basic audio editing.

            •          Engaging Graphics and Visuals: Use dynamic animations, images, or even stock footage to keep your viewers engaged.

            •          Strong Thumbnail Game: Your video thumbnail needs to pop and convey the content’s essence.

• Consistent Posting: Like any YouTube channel, consistency can help in building a loyal viewer base.

4. Monetisation Strategies for Faceless Videos:

            •          AdSense: Once you hit YouTube’s requirements (1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours), you can earn through ads.

            •          Affiliate Marketing: Promote products in your video and earn a commission for every sale.

            •          Sponsored Content: Brands might approach you to promote their products/services.

• Merchandising: Even without showing your face, you can have branded merchandise if you have a strong logo or catchphrase.

5. Staying Updated and Adapting:

The digital world evolves rapidly. Stay updated with trends, adapt your content, and always prioritise what your audience seeks.


Faceless YouTube videos offer a unique blend of creativity and anonymity. While it might seem like a simpler approach, it requires as much dedication and effort as traditional channels. Dive deep, discover your niche, and you might just find your corner in the vast universe of YouTube.