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My Business Journey

Let me provide some context. Had I had access to today’s tools like AI-powered proofreading and affordable promotion services earlier in my life, I’d probably be a millionaire by now.

For 15 years, I hustled to make ends meet while attempting various business ventures. From being a beauty therapist to selling products on Amazon and eBay, I’ve done it all. Despite my hard work, I faced multiple setbacks that nearly broke me financially. Yet, my desire to create a better future for my children kept me going.


Why Now is a Great Time to Start a Business

Fast forward to the present, and I can say that it’s never been a better time to start your own business. With advanced AI software, you can affordably create content and websites—services once only available to large companies.

Learn from My Mistakes

Don’t assume that you can succeed alone; I’ve been there and it didn’t work out. As a single parent with four kids, the journey to success wasn’t easy. It required sacrifices, such as living on a tight budget, but I was determined.

Boost Your YouTube Channel

The first step I took was promoting my YouTube channel, Pets Haven Limited. I used Sprizzy to boost my subscriber count, gaining 500 new followers in just two days! Now, I’m able to monetise my channel. Here’s the Sprizzy link if you’re interested.

Pets Haven Limited

Drive Traffic to Your Website

As a complementary strategy, I also focused on driving traffic to my website. The investment paid off, taking me from a mere 10 visitors per month to over 300 visitors and 3,000 views.

Closing Thoughts

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