We’ve all been there — our fur babies become anxious during thunderstorms, or restless when there’s a flurry of activity at home. If you’ve tried everything and are still seeking a non-invasive way to calm your dog, have you considered relaxing music? Yes, you read that right. Just as music can have therapeutic effects on humans, it can also offer significant benefits for your dog.

The Science Behind It

Research suggests that dogs do respond to music, and certain types can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in canines. Classical music, in particular, has been proven to relax dogs and even encourage them to sleep. Slow tempo tunes can have a calming effect, whereas faster tempos can do the opposite. But every dog is unique, so it’s important to see what resonates with yours.

How to Test It Out

One of the easiest ways to check if your dog enjoys or benefits from relaxing music is to simply play it and observe their behaviour. Does your dog seem more at ease, do they lay down quietly, or perhaps even drift off to sleep? Those are all good signs. You can easily find playlists or specific dog-friendly compositions on YouTube. Give a couple of different styles a try to see what your dog prefers.

YouTube Links to Try:

When to Use Relaxing Music

1. During Storms: The rumble of thunder can be less intimidating with a soothing musical background.

2. Separation Anxiety: If you’re stepping out, leaving music on can comfort your dog in your absence.

3. Traveling: A familiar tune can ease the stress of a car or plane ride.

4. Bedtime: Calming melodies can set the tone for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Things to Consider

Volume: Make sure the music isn’t too loud; it should be a gentle background noise.

Duration: Gradually introduce your dog to the music, starting with shorter sessions.

Variety: Rotate between different types of calming music to see which your dog likes best.

So, the next time you see your dog feeling a bit uneasy, consider turning on some soothing tunes. And don’t forget to check out those YouTube links to explore different options; you might just discover your dog’s favourite ‘paw-dora’ station!