What are your favorite types of foods?

There’s nothing quite like the bond shared between a dog and their human, and in my household, this bond is often celebrated with delicious treats. If you ever come by our home, you’ll find Bruno, our loyal four-legged companion, eagerly wagging his tail at the hint of his favourite foods.

Chicken and Sausages: Bruno’s Top Picks

Bruno has quite the palate! Cooked chicken and sausages are his absolute favourite. Whenever he catches a whiff of grilled meat, his ears perk up, and his eyes sparkle with anticipation. It’s a sight to behold!

But being the responsible pet parent I am, I always exercise caution. We often hear about the potential dangers of feeding dogs human food. Ingredients like onions or certain spices could be harmful to our furry friends. That’s why when I prepare a special treat for Bruno, I ensure that it’s devoid of any spices or salt, letting him relish the pure flavour.

Pampering After A Hard Week’s Work

While Bruno has the heart of a lion, he has the profession of a caregiver. He spends long weeks giving company to other dogs that we look after. As much as he loves playing with his fellow dog friends, there’s no doubt that it’s tiring work!

And so, when the week wraps up and all the guest dogs head home, it’s pampering time for Bruno. There’s nothing quite like the spa experience he gets right here. A relaxing bath, orchestrated by mummy, is followed by oodles of cuddles from the entire family.

Making It Special

Considering how much he has to share his family throughout the week, it’s only fair that he gets something extra special. Along with his favourite sausage or chicken meal, I also boil eggs for him as treats. Not only are they nutritious, but they also serve as a token of appreciation for being such a patient and loving dog.

It’s these little things that make Bruno’s world go round, and watching him revel in joy is an experience like no other for us. Here’s to many more gourmet feasts and pampering sessions for our beloved Bruno! 🐾

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