Before Booking

Before Booking

Know This

My goal is to help all dogs in my daycare, home boarding, and dog creche services to be happy, engaging, healthy, and safe. And when they go home my hope is that their time with me and my family will have positively put them in a mental and physical state that is better than when they were dropped off.

Before Booking Online

Before booking online please call me first on my mobile, so we can have a chat. The next step is to book a meet-and-greet. I don’t take dogs that have not attended the Meet -and- Greet and had the trial session. It’s important for me and you to determine whether your dog is suitable for our home facilities and meets my basic requirements.

Meet and- Greet

Meet -and Greet is where my dog Bruno – Shih Tzu cross, my children and I get to meet you (and any of your family who wishes to come), and your dog at my house. This is for all of us to see if we are a good match. A meeting like this allows me to find out your dog’s needs and learn about their personality. If we have other dogs staying in my home, it also allows us to see if they are going to be okay in a group. After the Meet -and- Greet, I would like you to complete the booking form and hand it in before your dog starts Daycare or Dog Boarding. If you are looking for your dog to attend Daycare, I do ask that they attend a trial 2-hour creche time to see how they get on, and if you are looking for Dog Boarding, I ask for them to stay for an overnight trial (Drop-off Saturday with collection on Sunday morning).

Medical Problems

It is important that you tell me if your dog has any medical condition. I no longer take dogs on medication because I have small children in the house.

Puppies and Reactive Dogs

I currently don’t accept puppies, and I no longer accept reactive dogs. Why not come for a visit to meet us and see if we are a good match for you and your dog?

What type of pets can I host in my home?

Small and medium Dog breeds weigh from 6 to 75 pounds for families with kids under 5 years. I accept the following breeds if they are well socialized with adults, children, and other dogs:

Shih Tzu


Yorkshire Terrier

French Bulldog







Bichon Frise

Miniature schnauzer


Cocker spaniel


Basset Hound

Labrador Retriever

Shetland Sheepdog

Border Collie

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