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Our Mission

To help you relax whilst you are away from your dog knowing your best friend is in great hands with us.

 Booking is easy, and you will be updated by text message about your dog’s stay with us. 

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Dog Daycare

works just like day care for children. You drop your dog off in the morning on the way to work and collect them after work.

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Dog Boarding

We are licensed and your dog can home board with us. It is where your dog stays with a care for them for you. (3 day Trial) before getting accepted.

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Dog Day Crèche

Dog Day Crèche is where we look after your dog for short periods during the day.

If you have  errands like going shopping, hospital or doctor’s appointments and your dog cannot stay at home alone we can take care of them for a maximum of two hours.

Before we accept any dog for the above services we require them to have a trial run with us. These sessions are chargeable.

Please see the section under ‘Trial Sessions’

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