The Great Adventure

If you are planning to go on holiday and have nobody to care for your dog, or your dog is not comfortable staying in kennels then we can provide an alternative holiday stay for your dog.

My deceased dog Molly did not like staying in kennels. She had separation anxiety, and it was very difficult when holiday time came around. So, home boarding is a solution that we now offer to other dog owners who have friendly dogs, who are good around other dogs and children, but need human company.

All dogs are supervised during their stay, and we try to match your dog’s routine as closely as possible to their home routine.

Your dog can sleep on the sofa and play in the ‘dogs only’ designated part of the garden.

We have other friendly dogs joining us throughout the week for boarding, daycare and creche so there is never a boring day for them.

They will have human interaction also playing with myself or my kids (supervised)

Your dog will go on group walks, but if unwell, an alternative activity will be created for them to get the exercise their need.

To help ease any anxiety about leaving your dog, we will send you updates: photos or videos of how they are doing.

Only dogs who were successful in completing the three-day trial will be able to have access to our boarding services.


  • Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated including for kennel cough (text photo or bring an updated vaccination card.)
  • Booking and Consent Forms must be fully completed and signed.
  • Bring your dog’s feeding bowl.
  • Bring enough food for your dog’s stay.
  • Bring your dog’s favourite toy.
  • Bring your dog’s bedding and blankets.

We will provide additional food if their food runs out at cost of £2 per day.

Bring any medication they need and show us how you give it to them.

Dogs are never left alone during their stay, but if the licence holder or a responsible adult is not available your dog will be place in their designated crate. No dog will be left alone with children except when the dog is in their crate.

Drop off time for Boarding: 9am – 11am

Collection for boarding: 9am- 11am

Any later collection will result in an additional charge creche fee of £8.50 for every hour or part thereof.